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Some people think that when you are over 200 years old that you are all about yesterday.

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We regularly welcome visitors from other destinations in Ireland and from many parts of the world to our worship which is inclusive, joyful, meaningful and relevant.  We believe that by extending a warm welcome and a hand in friendship, are the best ways to reach out to others and to help build a just and peaceful world through love and service to others.

Regular services of Holy Communion or Morning Prayer are held each SUNDAY at 12 NOON.

Please contact the Clergy who are happy to discuss any of these services.

What is our Mission?

St. James's Church, Dingle is in the unique position to be both a house of worship and an international venue for a number of amazing concerts, lectures, classes and events.

Each year  a number of international festivals and events are take centre stage at our venue including;

In addition, from May to mid-October we offer a concert open to the public every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Other Voices at St. James Church, Dingle
Other Voices at St. James Church, Dingle

Friends of St. James' Church, Dingle

Friends of St. James' Church Dingle is a dedicated group of volunteers and donors who are undertaking the task of raising funds for our proposed renovations and remodelling.

For hundreds of years people have come to this hallowed ground to gather, to worship and to believe.

st james survey image
st james survey image

On this site, no less than three churches have once stood.  Located in the Grove area once owned by Gitzgerald, Knight of Kerry, whose castle abutted the land.

Virtually nothing is known about the origin of the first church.  Only a fleeting reference was made to it as a parish church being rebuilt in the sixteenth century under “Spanish patronage” and dedicated to St. James at Santiago de Compostela in Judity Cuppage 1986 book “Archaeological Survey of the Dingle Peninsula.”

In 1529,  James FitzGerald, the 11th Earl of Desmond and Don Gonzalez Fernandez, Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the Holy Roman Emperor of the German Nation and King of Spain, Charles V & I signed the Treaty of Dingle here at St. James’ Church. 

The Treaty of Dingle was a founding piece of Common European legislature, giving rise to a series of entente, alliances and subsequent treaties which formed the basis of a common European ideal, culminating in the formation of a European Union, where common laws and protocols are adhered to by member states. 

It is unknown whether the 16th century church was damaged in the fire of 1600 when the segan Earl of Desmond took revenge on the Knight of Kerry for refusing him access to his castle by torching the town.

Over the years, most of the 16th century church became a ruin, apart from St. Mary’s chapel which was maintained to use for services, it was incorporated into the existing building and the wall plaque consisting of a panel of black marble, with an inscription in gold lettering, placed between two Ionic pillars, adorned with cherubims, and capitals of Italian alabaster, can be seen today.

By the time the present church was built, Dingle was a thriving town.  The Topographical Dictionary of Ireland published in 1837 described the town as “from a short distance a, very pleasing appearance.”

The present church was built in 1808 through a gift of £1,100 from the Board of First Fruits and the enlargements and repairs that took place in 1840 were funded by the Ecclesiastical Board.   In 2004, the Georgian Society funded the repair and restoration of the church’s ten lancet windows, including the elaborate chancel window with timber tracery.

Through the collection of tithes and in the patronage of Lord Ventry £315 wer payable to the impropriator who then allowed the curate of £50 per annum along with vicarial thithes amounting to £75 from the neighboring parish.  A chaplin was maintained at a salary of £150/year.

In 1840 enlargments and repairs were funded by the Ecclesiastrical Board.

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